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Submitted on
January 10, 2013


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Contest : Design my UTAU [CLOSED]

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 10, 2013, 10:34 AM
  • Listening to: UTAU test
  • Reading: my journal
  • Watching: my lappy's screen
  • Playing: my lappy
  • Eating: vegetable
  • Drinking: water
so, i opening contest for you to design my UTAU since i rlly need someone who can design her nasdjka

please use this art for the base

for the winner :iconsparklesplz:
you gonna got 300 pts (yes sorry, i run out of points OTL) from me and free art from me (painting style) + 80 pts from :iconkuru-sann: :iconsparklesplz: and ofc your design gonna used by me (yes moar prizes)

well, i'm feel bad if there's only 1 winner
so yeah

2nd place
150 pts + free art from me (painting style)
50 pts from :iconkuru-sann:

3rd place
100 pts + free art from me (sketch)
30 pts from :iconkuru-sann:

okay that's all
please join...

ansdlmas :iconlazycryplz:

oh you can either use the base or draw it yourself
and ummm
here is little information about her
Name : 旬音ハル | Shunne Haru (Haru)
Model : 86 | Ha from 八 (Hachi/8) & Ru from 六 (Roku/6)
Age : 15  
Height : 153.5cm
Weight : *Censored*
Likes : singing, drawing, listening music, her twin sister, sweets (especially pudding & cakes), cute stuffs, pink (color), ramen, curry rice
Dislikes : get fat, study, fishes, bugs (especially cockroaches)
Item : lollipop
Info : Kagene Himeka & Kamirei's adopted daughter
Personality : childish, cheerful, easily mad but rarely show it, when she's explode she will yell at you like a crazy then cry (in short, crybaby), sensitive, selfish, she will go stubborn when she's right over something, easily forgive people, loud
Fav Prashes : "i like you the way you are"

please design her based from her personality QuQ

Oh, a little information, the winner isn't based from how good the design it e 7 e
if you are from twitter you must be know how the winner based from

<EDIT 2>
oh this is important, this hint is rlly important so make sure you didn't miss it
i don't like complicated design, so if you make one, there's chance that you won't win;;; sorry, but complicated design hurt me OTL

the deadline is should be around 16 or 17 January e 7 e;;

1. :iconpandapia: :thumb347794305:
2. :iconhika151: Design: Shunne Haru by Hika151
3. :iconl-y-r-i-e:
4. :iconladyangelproductions: :thumb347949199:
5. :iconniekaori: 1. Contest: Haru by niekaori 2.… (i forgot to say you can add more than 1 entry)
6. :iconakiruo02: Contest entry: Shunne Haru by Akiruo02
7. :iconmiothewolf101: CE: Shuune Haru .:Utau design:. by MioTheWolf101
8. :iconcdoll22: .::Contest: Shuune Haru::. by Cdoll22
9. :iconchroma-kun: :thumb348088052:
10. :iconirooyo: Design Contest - Shuune Haru by Irooyo
11. :iconmichiiruu:
12. :iconbrowniex: Contest: Design Shunne Haru by Browniex
13. :iconlime-cake: CE: SHUUNE HARU by Lime-Cake
14. :iconhoney-droplet: Contest Entry : Shunne Haru by Honey-Droplet
15. :iconwonderfulmelody8: :thumb348249834:
16. :icontyri0605:
17. :iconmintiiblast: Contest entry for haruuuuu by MintiiBlast
18. :iconyupina126: Shuune Haru Contest Entry by Yupina126
19. :iconari-alia: CE-Shuune Haru by Ari-Alia
20. :iconmolteir: :thumb348495818:
21. :iconkemiyukishi: Contest Entry - Shunne Haru Design by kemiyukishi
22. :iconayanyu:
23. :iconkayo8bit: contest entry: haru by Kayo8bit
24. :iconbonbouri: + Shunne Haru + by Bonbouri
25. :iconderedereusagi: :thumb348949993:
26. :iconsakurarachan:
27. :iconizarch:
28. :iconutauyukoyasashine: .: Shunne Haru:. Contest entry by UTAUYukoYasashine

almost all of them are black haired amg;;;

i didn't expect that there will 25 persons join this contest;;

the contest going to be closed at 9 p.m (GMT+7) today

CONTEST CLOSED ALREADY, i'll announce the winners ASAP e v e)/

Skin by lilmoonchild1 (modified by Haru-run)
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ippotsk Jan 18, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I may be late for the contest, but still. 'Dat base. :iconryojidaisyplz:
Haru-run Jan 18, 2013  Student Digital Artist
dat ass :icondatassplz:
ippotsk Jan 18, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i'm more interested in her lack of upper torso forward weight distribution :iconheplz: *slapped*
Haru-run Jan 18, 2013  Student Digital Artist
what do you mean :icondidyoujustplz:
ippotsk Jan 18, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
erp, must i


now please don't make me pull out that picture ever again, it's shameful :iconohgodwhyplz:
Haru-run Jan 18, 2013  Student Digital Artist
y-you amg :iconcatreactionplz:
ippotsk Jan 18, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i'm sorry, i'm ashamed to be human :iconplak1plz::iconplak3plz::iconsparklesplz:
Haru-run Jan 18, 2013  Student Digital Artist
:iconsrapplz: stahp
UTAUYukoYasashine Jan 18, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Why my entry is not on the list? :(
Haru-run Jan 18, 2013  Student Digital Artist
s-sorry i'm forgot nasdknas;;; added now
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